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Summary:Tastemaker is an indoor designers and owners together interior decoration business website, they will indoor decoration services, luxury goods according to the budget classification to the owners, to.
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Tastemaker is an indoor designers and owners together interior decoration business website, they will indoor decoration services, luxury goods according to the budget classification to the owners, to young people to accept this price, provide professional advice for their layout, and the design of furniture and paint.

Tastemaker in the development of a slightly different products -- can be purchased Home Furnishing activities Pinterest. Their current product -- decoration services market -- fro m the simple task: to understand the way people buy Home Furnishing activities. In digging the problem domain and talking with a large number of target customers, they found that people have a lot of choices in shopping, but in the design space really need help.

So Tastemaker began with the interior decoration company, found that many of them are interested in online business, to fill the gaps in the schedule, but don't know how to find customers. This is an insight. Tastemaker knew they'd be matching, promote the interaction between them and bring the decoration work.

They are the market supply side, but most owners do not need interior decoration services, so the market demand side need to prove the existence of. They require some decoration company initially in the conversation as "inventory". Three home decoration company agreed. The two technique at Tastemaker founder began developing web applications, but there are many problems to be in suspense. 2 non-technical founders are not wait for them to complete, but went out to find customers. They don't have a website, so they use a pen, paper and email to do everything.

By exploring their personal network, they found the first customers. They asked around until you find someone wants to decorate the house, then talk with them, and meet their requirements of the decoration company.

The initial work smoothly. They make money, found that indoor decoration market is feasible, can be a real business. Like Vayable, they don't do preparatory work for the technical aspects of the. Tastemaker is looking for an excess supply of people, to help them contact the buyer, interaction and manually all. In this process, they know the customer / decoration company shall be in conformity with the interaction, which can help them to develop the network application, truly meet customer needs of designers and decoration.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Tastemaker is an indoor designers and owners together interior decoration business website, they will indoor decoration services, luxury goods according to the budget classification to the owners, to

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