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Say hello to Hem

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Summary:The new home for furniture design online. Launching this fall. Sign up now to get VIP access to pre-sales events.
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Say hello to Hem

The new home for furniture design online. Launching this fall. Sign up now to get VIP access to pre-sales events.

FAB flash sales site launched a new brand of household electricity supplier HEM, will be mainly sold by the FAB design their own home, and the main user customization. Although the development of domestic industry slowly but troubled FAB.com new brand HEM but placed great hopes, and also plans to open physical stores in several cities show, hoping to make a comeback.

American creative product flash shopping site FAB.com, with sales limited sale of forms received by consumers, quickly became the new shopping platform, and also in the last year to get the $ 150 million Tencent investment. But in the first half of this year, but suffered a series of significant losses, mass layoffs, executive turnover and other negative news, even once rumored fab.com would collapse. Future, FAB.com really gets what it wants, the success of the aid HEM out of the woods yet?

FAB-enabled flash shopping site domain hem.com push brand new home

July 7, 2014 hearing, difficulties encountered by the famous American flash sales site FAB.com, prior to restructuring and rivers, has launched a new self-branded household electrical HEM. And plans to enable the domain hem.com, in the next three months the line home sites.

Query whois information, HEM brand's official domain name hem.com was back in 1995 had been registered, has been nearly 20 years, were also related to the mainstream has already registered the domain name suffix.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Say hello to Hem:The new home for furniture design online. Launching this fall. Sign up now to get VIP access to pre-sales events.

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