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Online Mobile Equipment Products Tools

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Summary:Placeit.com is a web application by providing responsive test site Breezi (Breezi is a browser-side web design management tool ) , you can drag it to PlaceIt product images in a few seconds minutes la.
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Online Mobile Equipment Products Tools (Placeit.com) is a web application by providing responsive test site Breezi (Breezi is a browser-side web design management tool ) , you can drag it to PlaceIt product images in a few seconds minutes later it will help you generate with the iPhone, iPad and Mac devices such as real products exhibited , very simple to use .

Use these steps:

1, the first of course you have to prepare your application , game or web page screenshots ;

2, in the browser, open PlaceIt, based on personal preferences and the application or website you want to display the device sel ection box (iPhone, iPad or Mac);

3 , the prepared product shots onto the browser window the picture and wait a few seconds, a nice figure on the finished products , and then save picture as .

PlaceIt tool is very simple to use , drag a drag a few seconds can help you build beautiful products exhibited . Products generated through PlaceIt figure is still quite realistic , for many development and design staff, although this application is difficult to become an essential application , but if you are in a hurry or want to show others your latest website or application of the time , this utility is undoubtedly more worthy of a try.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Placeit.com is a web application by providing responsive test site Breezi (Breezi is a browser-side web design management tool ) , you can drag it to PlaceIt product images in a few seconds minutes la

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