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Guardtime company

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Summary:Guardtime primarily for data providers authorized signature , time signature and integrity verification.
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Guardtime company established in Estonia in 2006 and headquartered in Singapore , and now has a representative office in China . GuardTime by a cryptography expert Dr. Ahto Buldas Mart Saarepera Dr. Wise Joi Ito and internet founder , offers unlimited scalability and fully usable without key signature engine designed to enhance the global data depends on the reliability and integrity. Regardless of the data stored on disk , in the mobile network , or in the use of cloud computing . This has unlimited scalable and fully usable without key signature engine technology was developed by two experts , Dr. password is , and some of the Internet think tank developed together .

Guardtime primarily for data providers authorized signature , time signature and integrity verification . Regardless of the data stored on disk , in the mobile network , or in the use of cloud computing , can be on a global scale ensure its reliability and integrity. Guardtime cross-sector partnerships for the company's fast-growing cloud computing environment provides unprecedented security and reliability . Organizations can now use mathematics-based solutions , without the influence of human error or network destruction of evil . With Guardtime proprietary integrated keyless signature technology , organizations will be able to fully trust cloud computing applications, logs , and data.

Guardtime 's vision is to : Create an electronic data is more reliable than the physical data of the world , so that those corrupt insiders , hackers or cyber criminals can not manipulate the data so that the government and enterprises for its stakeholders to provide complete transparency and the ability of qualified , occurring on all networked computers digital activity can be separately identified anyone . Guardtime use effect is such that , for example, in addition to auto insurance , on the spot take a photo, submit an application Guardtime protection, recording its origin , by whom issued , and submit time and generates a value through a mathematical calculation , the information would constitute a keyless signature as the applicant's audit trail data and verify operation.

This signature never expires , and can be repeated multiple authentication . Even if others get this signed by the signature itself , but also unable to push down the back of the data itself . In other words, this is a unique auto insurance scene photos , every change will do recording , forming a complete and verifiable chain of evidence . The difference is that the PKI , Guardtime arithmetic rather than by credit to ensure data security , the signature will not expire , and the mathematical basis of authentication only , eliminating the encryption key or the needs human intervention . Guardtime support all computers and mobile platforms , no additional client software. Guardtime potential markets including , commercial bills, legal documents, administrative issuance, copyright protection and other fields. Currently , Guardtime technology has been used in finance, commerce, electronic communications, medical and other fields.


Tel: +1 6504268771 ; +372 5098574
E-mail : martin.ruubel @ guardtime.com

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Guardtime company:Guardtime primarily for data providers authorized signature , time signature and integrity verification.

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