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The Plastic Bank

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Summary:The Plastic Bank is a run by the Canadian David Katz in Peru a waste plastic refuse to return for supplies of plastic bank, to encourage local people don't litter, and to protect the natural environme.
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The Plastic Bank is a run by the Canadian David Katz in Peru a waste plastic refuse to return for supplies of plastic bank, to encourage local people don't litter, and to protect the natural environment of Peru primitive natural scenery and the tropical rain forest, the sky city etc..

The South American country of Peru retain much of the original natural landscape, fro m the tropical rain forest, the city of the sky, with broad beaches to spinning, but in these beautiful scenery, but have a lot of human activities trace -- all kinds of plastic waste million years of the.

In order to encourage local people don't litter, Canadian David Katz decided to start a service "Plastic Bank plastic bank", please people with plastic to cash or life activities, collection of plastic to sort into a 3D print materials, to help local with poor family or social mechanism for printed a variety of life, to to achieve more significant resources utilization and social mutual aid!

In the life more exhausted the country area, people are not particularly serious view of resource recovery, after all life is problem, who cares so many! Plastic bags, packaging, toys, bottles and cans and other daily necessities are cheap and easy to obtain, is naturally as throwaway. According to a statistics, Peru recycling rate is very low only about 2%, the 98% is burned or directly thrown into the sea!

Canadian David K time we ATZ in the streets of Peru and scenic areas saw a lot of plastic garbage, that this is not simply throw trash everywhere, the subsequent more involved the waste of resources and consumption problem, and he in them aware of some opportunities, think and will use these trash on the ground, as do some more significant, so think of the combination of 3D print, please people will not plastic products to the Plastic Bank exchange, provide feedback of service, you can choose to change into the required 3D printer supplies, but also can directly deliver, transfer to the plastic is converted to 3D print products, to help the poor community family.

To the local people, they are also quite happy to see the Plastic Bank help their fellow citizens. I like David K ATZ Plastic Bank will be at the end of this year in the capital Lima to open a branch, hope his plan can be exe cuted smoothly, and have a positive impact on the local society and the natural environment.

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The Plastic Bank is a run by the Canadian David Katz in Peru a waste plastic refuse to return for supplies of plastic bank, to encourage local people don't litter, and to protect the natural environme

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