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Summary:In Pora Ora, we have created an engaging world for children in the primary school age range (5 - 13), which presents educational content in a compelling and immersive way.
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In Pora Ora, we have created an engaging world for children in the primary school age range (5 - 13), which presents educational content in a compelling and immersive way. We have constructed a fun, social and safe 3D environment where children are rewarded for participating in educational mini-games and quests. Rewards take the form of in-game currency which allows children to customise their avatar, buy food for their Pora Pal, decorate their home and garden, buy gifts to send to their friends and much more.

All games are currently mapped directly to the UK national curriculum and content is intelligently adjusted to challenge each and every child. We encourage a rounded educational profile in the child by making appropriate recommendations and suggestions as to which games they should play next. And, by linking to the curriculum, we can provide detailed progress reports to parents and teachers - outlining the child's strengths and weaknesses against national expectations. We will also be rolling out regional curriculum content in the coming months, to cover our ever-widening global community.

As well as educational games, there is a full set of social features for children to enjoy in Pora Ora. They can make friends, send mails and gifts, visit and rate each other's homes and compete in multi-player games. All social features are subject to real-time moderation and parents control who their child can interact with - making Pora Ora a safe place for children to interact, learn and grow.

Pora Ora is free to play - and it always will be. We also offer great value membership packages which give children access to even more educational games and worlds to explore. We are constantly adding more and more new games, quests and worlds, so come join us and start exploring today!

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Welcome you to visit our website!
In Pora Ora, we have created an engaging world for children in the primary school age range (5 - 13), which presents educational content in a compelling and immersive way.

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