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China Everbright Bank

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Summary:China Everbright Bank was established in August 1992, with headquarters in Beijing, was approved by the State Council and approved by the people's Bank of the financial business, providing customers w.
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Established in August 1992, China Everbright Bank (hereafter "the Bank") is headquartered in Beijing and is a financial institution that is founded under the approval of the State Council and the People's Bank of China. Since its inception, the Bank has been implementing a client-centered and market-oriented strategy in a prudent manner. It closely keeps up with the restructuring and development of the Chinese economy and the financial industry, and continuously reforms and updates itself, providing quality financial services to all its retail and corporate clients.
The Bank has made outstanding achievements through the years and has cultivated a strong competitive edge in its corporate, treasury, investment banking, wealth management and mortgage businesses. The Bank launched a series of financial restructuring in 2007. On Nov. 30, under the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Bank received a capital injection equivalent of RMB20 billion by Central Huijin Investment Ltd. in US dollars and thus increased its registered capital to RMB28.21689 billion. Central Huijin Investment Ltd. is now the largest shareholder of the Bank, and Central Huijin's investment has substantially enhanced the Bank's overall capital strength. By the end of 2008, the Bank's total assets reached RMB843 billion, with total loans of RMB468.9 billion. The total liabilities stood at RMB809.7 billion, with corporate and savings deposits of RMB619.1 billion. The capital adequacy ratio is above 9.31% and the operating profit and net profit are RMB7.96 billion and RMB7.36 billion respectively.
The Bank is now covering 45 major cities of 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions with its 30 branches and 426 banking outlets and one representative office in Hong Kong. The Bank now has about 17, 000 employees, more than 70% of whom have bachelor's degree. As a nationwide joint-stock commercial bank with sound corporate governance, resourceful shareholding background, prominent brand image, well-diversified network, strong risk management, professional workforce, high profitability and competitiveness, the Bank is marching towards its strategic target of being an excellent listed bank.

Legal English Name: China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd. ("China Everbright Bank" or "CEB" in short)
Legal Representative: TANG, Shuangning
President: GUO, You
Secretary to the Board of Directors: LU,Hong
Address: No.25 Taipingqiao Ave, Everbright Center, Xicheng District, Beijing P. R. China.
Tel: (010)63636363
Fax: (010)63639066; 63639088
Customer Service: 95595
Postal Code: 100033

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China Everbright Bank was established in August 1992, with headquarters in Beijing, was approved by the State Council and approved by the people's Bank of the financial business, providing customers w

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