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Technical School Information Network

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Summary:Technical School Information Network is an online enrollment platform dedicated to professional secondary schools, colleges, vocational skills training schools and other educational institutions.
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Technical School Information Network (www.cnbin.com) is an online enrollment platform dedicated to professional secondary schools, colleges, vocational skills training schools and other educational institutions. It is a specialized technical school that publishes technical secondary schools across the country. An authoritative platform for training institutions and other institutions to recruit information.

Services and resources

1, soft message information service platform

Pay attention to the dynamics of the soft-text industry and publish the latest soft-text industry information through pictures, texts and animations, including soft-text knowledge, soft-text wisdom, soft-text dynamics and other aspects of information, to provide the fastest, most extensive, and most personalized soft-text for fans of the soft-text industry. Information service.

2, soft paper resources integration platform

China’s leading softtext publishing service platform—Chengdu Zhongbin Technology Co., Ltd., integrates media resources of various companies and all over the country, and establishes a fast channel for corporate soft-text information and major media. Whether it is enterprises, individuals, or major media through Chengdu Zhongbin Technology Co., Ltd. Companies can quickly publish information to media.

3, soft text marketing services

With Wang Gang as the core professional soft language service team as a support, focusing on the company's own diagnosis, industry market, consumer behavior and media forms, fro m different perspectives quickly and efficiently for enterprises to provide soft text planning, writing, publishing and other soft text marketing services.

4, network brand planning services

Based on the consumer needs of more than 500 million Internet users in China, the company diagnoses and analyzes corporate brands, products, channels, and modes of transmission, injects fresh elements of the Internet, conducts more accurate, better-placed, more in line with the era of online brand positioning, and activates corporate brand image. Low-cost promotion of corporate brand power!

5, network integration marketing communication service

Based on the characteristics of netizens' habits and network dissemination methods, the products are sold in point-of-sale packaging, targeted through the use of soft text, blog marketing, microblogging marketing, and viral marketing. The sensational development dynamics quickly grabbed the minds of netizens and created a solid "network brand pyramid."

6, network events and public relations services

Aiming at brand-new online communication methods, combining social hotspots and industry trend topics, we follow a unified brand communication main line, plan corporate network events with news value and social value, and use this as an entry point to conduct online media public relations and achieve corporate branding. Instant blasting, as well as popularity and reputation, doubled.

core advantages

1, system aspects

Creative creation, attractiveness, and affinity were used to create soft creations. Focused on the company's own diagnosis, industry market, consumer behaviors, and media forms, targeted high-efficiency soft marketing was conducted. At the same time, it adopted market research, network brand planning, product planning, online brand promotion, and online public relations "five in one" deep Internet brand marketing solutions. With the conversion rate as the core, we integrate the entire supply chain solutions such as brands, products, websites, communications, events, and public relations to solve customer problems in a comprehensive manner.

2, strategic aspects

Adopt the "strategy + creativity + implementation" professional process operation method, based on the three-dimensional analysis of the network target audience, competitors, and their own advantages, in-depth targeted at the actual business problems, planning a unique sales proposition, and then achieve a mental communication with consumers through brilliant ideas. Create a miracle of business.

3, actual combat

The only company in southwestern China focused on the “Internet Age Marketing Theory” research, integrated “Traditional Marketing + Network Marketing” two systems, accumulated 10 years of soft-text marketing actual combat experience, and practiced more than 20 marketing specializations, focusing on low-cost promotion of corporate brand force.

4, resources

Integrating over 3,000 first-line online media and print media across the country, more than 100 national writers operate, and 10,000 active online naval forces spread corporate soft texts throughout the Internet in the most cost-effective way.
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Welcome you to visit our website!
Technical School Information Network is an online enrollment platform dedicated to professional secondary schools, colleges, vocational skills training schools and other educational institutions.

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