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Summary:At Quam, we understand that managing wealth goes beyond simply offering investment opportunities.
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At Quam, we understand that managing wealth goes beyond simply offering investment opportunities. Quam Private Wealth, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quam Group, provides high-net-worth individuals our first-class wealth management services that are built around our clients, taking into account their lifestyles, their ambitions, their financial priorities and their needs for future security - all in the strictest confidence.

To address clients' needs and optimize wealth, our team is dedicated to developing a highly personalized strategy that is drawn fro m a field of international financial solutions and global expertise, giving clients excellent access to the world's most exciting and rewarding markets and asset class.

Over the years, Quam Private Wealth has nurtured solid trust with its clients through caring partnership, high professional and ethical standards, and strong financial returns. Our investment strategies may well be constantly reviewed to capture the shifting tides of the market; but they are always guided by the spirit of the client's hopes and dreams.

On an open road where there are virtually no directions, where pitfalls and dangers abound, your interest is our True North.

Some investment companies adopt a one-size-fits-all philosophy, others look for quick fixes. At the Quam Group, we believe that in an ever-changing market, the simple objective of putting our clients' interests first will prevail.

The Quam Group, listed and headquartered in Hong Kong, is a financial service provider specializing in the development and delivery of investment solutions for both institution and individual investors.

Our strategic focus on the Hong Kong and China markets and our expanding global expertise allow us to deliver consistent investment performance through a full complement of services, including corporate finance , asset management, private equity, investment advisory, online brokerage services and wealth management.

To invest successfully requires a constant drive, a passion for excellence and an ability to explore the hidden and the unknown. At Quam, the amalgamation of these attributes is here to serve the single purpose of achieving the goal of our clients.

Contact Us

Head Office:
18/F, China Building, 29 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Branch Office:
3/F, Fung House, 19-20 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

General Tel: (852) 2920-9300
Fax: (852) 2530-1660
Email: cs.privatewealth#quamgroup.com
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QUAM PRIVATE WEALTH:At Quam, we understand that managing wealth goes beyond simply offering investment opportunities.


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