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China Academy of Space Technology

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Summary:China Academy of Space Technology(CAST), subordinated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC), was established on February 20,1968.
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China Academy of Space Technology(CAST), subordinated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC), was established on February 20,1968. Through 40-year development, it has become the main development base for space technology and products in China and the most powerful backbone strength for China’s space endeavor. It is mainly engaged in such fields as development and manufacturing of spacecraft, external exchange and cooperation in space technology, satellite applications, etc. CAST also participates in formulating the state space technology development plans, studies the technological approaches to exploration, exploitation and utilization of outer space, develops a variety of spacecraft and ground application equipments, according to users requirements, and provides corresponding services.

On April 24, 1970, China’s first artificial earth satellite Dongfanghong (Red East)-1 was successfully developed and launched, opening a new epoch of exploration of outer space by China. In October 2003, Shenzhou(Divine Vessel)-5 manned spaceship was fully successful, making China the third country in the world able to independently carry out human spaceflight activity and setting up a new milestone in the Chinese spaceflight history.Chang'e-1 lunar orbiter launched in November 2007 has successfully entered into lunar orbit and accomplished a new breakthrough in space technology of China. Shenzhou-7 spaceship launched in September 2008 successfully realized the first extravehicular activity of Chinese astronaut, marking a new and important breakthrough of China’s human spaceflight program. By the end of December of 2008, CAST had developed, launched and operated successfully over 100 spacecrafts of various kinds, as a result CAST has been engaged in the spacecraft manufacture with the main projects on the seven spacecraft series, i.e. communications and broadcasting satellite, returnable satellite, earth resources satellite, meteorological satellite, scientific exploration and technological test satellite, navigation and positioning satellite, and manned spaceship series.

The spacecraft developed by CAST have been widely used in such fields as national economy, culture and education and scientific researches. The new technological achievements gained in the course of spacecraft development have been transferred into various sectors of national economy, and therefore greatly promoted the technical transformation and progress of traditional industries.

CAST has many subsidiaries such as branch academy, research institutes and satellite manufacturing factory, also includes a controlling listed company and several exclusively-invested subsidiaries, has set up several national key laboratories and a Shenzhou College with its main objects in graduate education and staff and customer training, formed seven industrial bases located in Beijing, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Yantai, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia and Shenzhen respectively, and has established a complete and coordinated set of development and production system, including spacecraft systems engineering, subsystem development and manufacture, satellite integration and test, environmental test, ground equipments and applications, servicing and supporting system, etc. It has built in Beijing Space City a new spacecraft development and production base which combines system design, assembly, integration, checkout and test in one place.
CAST has more than 10,000 staff members, including 8 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 12 national level experts making outstanding contributions, and over 1700 senior specialists.

CAST has been making wide contacts with the astronautical companies and space research institutes throughout over a dozen countries and regions, including Russia, France, Brazil and USA. In 2007, it accomplished the first commercial satellite export, and then continues to implement complete-satellite and astronautical service exports.

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2006~2010), CAST undertakes three projects out of the 16 national important special scientific and technological projects and will have developed about 100 satellites and spaceships, so the mission is more honorable and our responsibility more grave. In the future, under the guidance of spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, CAST’s staff will fully implement “Scientific Development View“, greatly enhance the spirit of “Human Spaceflight“, conscientiously practise spaceflight culture and Shenzhou culture, constantly open up new fields of China’ s space endeavor and make great efforts to construct new system of space science, technology and industry, and to build CAST into an international first-rate, large complex of science, research and production.

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China Academy of Space Technology(CAST), subordinated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC), was established on February 20,1968.

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