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Tuopu Group

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Summary:Tuopu Group is equipped with first-class testing equipment. We established a quality NVH R&D center.
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Tuopu, founded in 1983, mainly specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of automobile core parts, is a group enterprise providing domestic and international automobile manufacturers with systematic NVH solutions.

Since the business startup, Tuopu people has always unswervingly stuck to their beliefs, cultivated in silence, and continuously precipitated and inherited in the development...

Our Mission: Provide more secure, comfortable and environmentally friendly technologies and products for cars

Our Vision: Satisfy Customers, Employees, Society, Shareholders and Partners

Our Management Philosophy: Keep climbing,hope booming

Our work Principles: Passion, Precision, Cooperation, Learning, Thrifty, Standardize ,Honesty Respecting


R&D Mission: We are committed to the reduction of noise and vibration, caused by the powertrain, road condition and the wind.

Quality Guideline: To be the best…

Quality Target:

Provide qualified products with “0”PPM.
Delivery products 100% on time.
Supply service 100% on time

Environment Policy:

Complying with Laws & Regulations
Saving Resource and Reducing Consumption
Preventing and Controlling Pollution
Continuous Improvement.

Assignment Principle: People oriented, Well assigned, Train with love, Assign by abilities

In the automotive field, Tuopu mainly focuses on four categories of products including vibration control, acoustic, suspension, and mechatronic series, and more than 3000 varieties.

Our major customers are: SGM, FAW-VW, SGMW, CHANG'AN-FORD, JMC, Geely Automobiles, DPCA, BRILLIANCE AUTOCORPORATION, GM-NA, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, Audi, BMW etc.

Tuopu has first-class testing equipment, set up the technology-leading NVH R&D Center, and established good technical cooperation relationship with a number of domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers. Additionally, it can accomplish the matching design for multiple types of subsystems and vehicles, and has synchronous R&D capabilities with OEMs.

Since 1996, Tuopu has successively passed QS9000/ISO9001, VDA6.1, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949, 3C, ISO/IEC17025, Q1 and other third-party authentications.

For the past thirty years, facing the continuous development of market environment, Tuopu has always upheld "Honesty, Pragmatic, Pioneering and Innovation", made the best of various advantaged resources, introduced the international advanced operation philosophy and management system, comprehensively promoted the business process reengineering and integration of internal and external resources, implemented the lean management in R&D system, procurement system, logistics system, production system, marketing system, quality system and other aspects, and finally formed the core competitiveness of Tuopu Brand with good reputation acquired fro m the automobile industry at home and abroad.

Contact us

Ningbo Tuopu Group Co., Ltd.
Address: 215, West Huangshan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo, China
ZIP Code: 315800
Website: http://www.tuopu.com
E-mail: tuopu#tuopu.com
Tel: 0574-86800850
Fax: 0574-86800877

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1 floor Tuopu Group [*.*.*.*] published in 2016/02/04/ 09:40:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Tuopu Group is equipped with first-class testing equipment. We established a quality NVH R&D center.

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