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Favorable net

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Summary:Enabling internet banking service platform (YooLi.com) providing safe, secured , high-yield internet banking services.
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Enabling internet banking service platform (YooLi.com) providing safe, secured , high-yield internet banking services. Network through favorable recommendation , you can be in the hands of the surplus funds loaned by the financial institution guarantees microfinance , small and micro enterprises with good credit and get interest return . Investors' interests above all else . Under favorable investment banking online , completely free , absolutely transparent !

Had favorable network consists of a top Wall Street investment bank , has extensive experience in finance and the team set up the Internet . Powered by Beijing Honghe Besco information technology limited liability company operations. We are committed to the lack of investment channels for the majority of people with a safe, honest , low-risk, stable returns, financial channels . In the design of financial products continue to become dazzling, the cohabitation of various financial channels to sell today , enabling network want to help you resolve the seemingly esoteric financial investment , a variety of complex financial products will become for all to see have to understand the financial plan !

Over the past 10 years , almost everyone completed fro m the " buy things online under " to " buy things online " changes. We are confident that the next 10 years, the Internet is not only easy to make people spend money, but also allows everyone to easily make money in online banking . Favorable network has matured, rigorous risk control assessment mechanism , with the convenience of the Internet , transparent, cost- linking , established a leading domestic financial systems and product resources. CPI ranging fro m people , we believe that favorable network can become an online investment banking safest, most convenient and most formal channels .

P2P banking platform enabling network of formal and Softbank China Capital (SBCVC) capital injection agreement signed , since the establishment of the first round to obtain favorable financing network , reached ten million U.S. dollars level . Favorable Network February 25 this year on the line , the current total transaction volume has more than 260 million yuan , nearly 100,000 registered users , users total fiscal revenue over 5 million yuan .

As P2P banking platform , enabling network positioning of ordinary investors , the minimum 50 yuan will be able to participate in the investment , while investors committed to a 12% annual yield ( equivalent to 30 times the bank current income ) as well as 100% of the principal and interest guaranteed to cater to public users on the low threshold , the demand for high-yield financial products , has introduced deposit treasure, monthly interest through two products .

Borrower side, favorable financing needs of 60,000 net positioning below the small and micro enterprises and small loan companies through the line to pass the risk of bad debts , now and Shun industry , ZENDAI Quicken Loans , finance syndicated loan three small loan companies to achieve cooperation. Phasor combination of online and offline mode is also advantageous network and peer lending , loans and other P2P Money pat platform the biggest difference.

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Favorable net:Enabling internet banking service platform (YooLi.com) providing safe, secured , high-yield internet banking services.

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