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Weaving socializing mobile application

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Summary:Weaving socializing mobile application is a combination of photo editing and photo interesting new applications .
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Weaving socializing mobile application is a combination of photo editing and photo interesting new applications . Weaving is no longer facing a single picture , but by the user to easily shoot and edit multiple images to achieve a new picture browsing . Use organization chart, using a new way to share your feelings, share beautiful panorama , share your tracks in dribs and drabs .

You worry too few holidays to choose which pictures to share when traveling to a social platform ? Are you helpless each meeting took many photos finally just uploaded a great photo ? Are you ever feel helpless when you find with a picture or words can not describe a chic restaurant ?

We have hidden in the corner of the city , secretive, wandering eyes of many people is heterogeneous . But now, we're trying to change a trend. The most precious thing in this day and age , not wealth , but people in the concept of continuous innovation. In this sense, the organization chart, hoping to influence the way people view the world .

Weaving is a young team developed product , organization charts team focused on the mobile Internet picture market , allowing users to get the best pictures and organization chart with pictures are eager to realize the vision of the future . Finally, the organization chart is a picture not only want the software , but to do a through pictures , so that the distance between people more recent and more willing to share , discover more beautiful things .

Weaving main functions:

1 unique picture browsing experience ;

2 Drag editing pictures , a new interactive experience ;

3 comments , sharing, collection and other rich social function ;

4 filters , rotation, text and other features a key landscaping pictures ;

5 multiple pictures continuous shooting ;

6 . Cloud storage user photo ;

7 binding third-party applications such as : microblogging, letter , QQ.

Weaving a tree structure of the picture. To do with the travel scene by limited user guide , the initial organization chart users mostly in the edit travel photos will think Weaving . In addition to using scenes to explore , the new organization chart also joined the light social features to meet the needs of the user plug , features include personal home page , concerns, collection , comments , praise , etc. Tools attribute optimization, organization charts added " Arrow Mode" , through multi- user Arrow logo pictures, do browse to boot. In addition, each picture below also allows users to add text, text with pictures, reading a set of pictures, as if finished reading a story .

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Weaving socializing mobile application is a combination of photo editing and photo interesting new applications .

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